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​The International
Music Festival in Akita-Katagami


Holding an International Music Festival as a first in history of Akita and North Tohoku area,
aiming for the largest scale in Japan, and worldwide.
Akita has the most in Japan of Japanese traditional folk songs, many culturel heritage of old oriental theater, surrounded by blue mountains, Japan sea that brings such a huge graces, and the abundant 3 lakes, Hachiro, Tazawa, and Towada.
In the history, Akita roles as the most northern land of the Yamato dynasty(old japan’s kingship around 7th century), the land which flourished a unique culture that prospered through interaction with continental dynasties such as Ezo and Balhae at a middle Ages, and mixed with Kamigata- Culture (Culture of Kyoto and Osaka area) carried from kitamae.
This land with great nature and heartwarming people, is the place of Canaan that is suitable for the origin of culture in the future.
We would like to offer the world-class culture, new style and one and only culture collaborated with Akita’s original one, interaction between artists and the local community, regional revitalization by the power of culture, and dissemination of the Akita brand.



In the current world, Covid reveals the distortions of society, and the world can not find an answer to these, Fear against COVID-19, Economic recession with no visible exit, and the divided social disparity. In these situation, is culture unnecessary? We think we need it.

After the political stagnation for long time, the problems that our country faces are tremendously huge.However, the responsible people are putting the problems off to the next generation. The damage starts from our generation and the children who will live in the future, and above all, from the rural areas. What is the cause of these great problems of society which the children who will live in the future has to solve?

We think it's because there was no culture in politics. “Man does not live by bread alone” , however, didn’t Japan seek for only bread? Didn’t Japan recognize culture as just a entertainment?

“In the beginning was a Word” . Word is a culture that tells who you are. Of course, we can not find who we are, but we can think about it. This is a culture. It means to have own word.

Looking back at Japan, the city asks the answer to their prefecture, the prefecture asks to the government , and the government asks it to Washington DC or Beijing. In other words, they don't have themselves.
Zen teach us that When we become the subject of ourselves, the world become instantly true. We think the world will be visible for the first time when we get the individuality.

When a person has a culture within himself, he or she will not be a substitute worker with AI, but a person who can participate in society independently through labor. This is human vitality, and this power make a vibrant city. We believe it will be possible to create a sustainable and diverse city where each and every inhabitant takes the initiative.

Based on the belief that one little poem change someone’s life, art make people, and culture make the world, we establish this international music festival in the beloved Akita, which is in need of change right now. ..

There is a limit to the power of one human being.but humans can sympathize with each other. In this festival, You, participants and supporters are the protagonist. We sincerely hope that the circle of supporters of the above philosophy will expand.

The cherry blossoms in Senshu Park are scarlet because they endured long and harsh winds and snow. Magnolia kobus flowers are said to bloom toward the north. We believe there is a music festival that can only be done in this difficult situation.

Artistic Directer
​              Keita Chida

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